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The gospel story never changes. But the world has changed -- radically. And that means the way we tell the story must also change. -- Kevin Graham Ford, Jesus for a New Generation

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Okay. So what's all this jazz about Searcher X anyway? Well, in a lot of ways, I'm Searcher X. And so is your neighbor a few houses down. And maybe the guy who bags your groceries. And the girl who sits at the local coffee shop every afternoon as you drive by.

The important thing to remember is that Searcher Xers aren't just younger versions of yourself. They have their own values and convictions about the world around them -- values and convictions that may be drastically different from yours. They may not see the world the same way you do, pursue the same goals you do, choose the same hairstyle or clothing that you do, and they may even choose to pierce body parts you'd never let anyone with a sharp object come near. 

But still, you want to connect with them, right? To make some effort to pass down your beliefs and values to the next generation. To share something of yourself with them.  And quite possibly something of an eternal value ...

That's why I created the Searcher X homepage. To help you connect with this "strange" group the media has labeled Generation X. Who are they? What are they? How do you connect with them? And why can't they be pegged and pigeon-holed? These are all things I hope to answer for you.

So dig in. With any luck, this site will help you get into the minds and shoes of us, help you understand how we think, and what it takes to reach us. Why is music so important to us? What are some the things -- without lumping us all under some generic label -- that describe us? What are some books and other resources that will help you connect better? And most importantly, what will it take to get our attention with the greatest news the world has ever heard?

Feel free to email if you have questions or comments. Just click the banner below.

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